Life Insurance

Anyone have a life insurance company that will work with mariners? I was just denied for a policy because I am “out of the country for more than 8 weeks per year”, and I am sure others might consider going to sea too risky to underwrite. PM me, thanks!

I’m with New York Life. Been spending more than 5 months per year outside the country since I was 22. They’re not fans of motorcycles, sky diving, or scuba. Three of my favorite things.

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When I was just starting out (young and dumb) a New York Life salesman in New Orleans sold me a $20,000 policy. I believe his name was Vic Vybiral and was known to board ships hawking his business. Some years later I cashed out the policy and invested it. That account is worth a lot more than $20,000 and I’m not dead…yet

If you want insurance just buy term life insurance. Invest the rest and you will be much further ahead. Just my 2 cents.

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Lobster tail and beer are my 3 favorite things… But when I retire it’s gonna be chicken pot pie!

But where do you stand on the whole flat-earth thing?

Lobsters, real lobsters, are great, but “lobster tail” is tasteless overpriced crap.

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Since you refer to 3 favorite things I assume you meant to say; Lobster, tail and beer. I too hold those in high esteem but since I am married it is lobster and beer that I enjoy outside the home.


Nah. It’s the “other thing” that JFK referred to when he committed to landing a man on the moon in 10 years (“and do the other thing…”

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