License Insurance

Ok all, a search hasn’t pulled up anything very recent on the forums. Anyone on here currently have License Insurance? Is it worth it? If so, I’d appreciate some feedback on sources for it, costs, etc.


Seach this forum for MOPS insurance, couple of threads here.

Yeah, I looked at those threads, but they were pretty stale, so I wanted to see if anyone had any new insight.

I am curious about the NI insurance now too… I know you “get what you pay for,” and I’m waiting to get my quote back from MOPS, but I’m just looking to see who all everyone uses, and if they’re satisfied and how big a chunk out of my income it’s going to take to get quality insurance.

NI membership at the modest annual fee ($127 as I recall ?) includes criminal defense coverage, but no other coverage.

MOPS license insurance is real insurance with costs similar to other types of insurance (house, auto, etc). The cost will depend on what types of coverages and the amounts of coverage that you choose. Coverages can include civil lawsuit defense, USCG license defense, lost income replacement, civil suit judgment coverage, etc. I don’t think MOPS offers criminal defense coverage.

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I sent in for a quote for MOPS insurance about 6 months ago, they never got back to me.

MOPS is usually very responsive. Just give them another call.

Marie Varricchio
MOPS Administrator
Tel: 1-800-782-8902 x 3608

I just requested a quote this morning and got one already from MOPS… all I can say is “Holy Crapballs!!!” I’m thinking I went overboard on the coverage for somebody that toes the line with regs and operations, because I was expecting it to be a lot lower than it came out in the quote.

After I got a quote I gave them a call and disscussed it. The insurance related to oil spills is high. The person I spoke to said most non-tanker mariners didn’t get the spill insurance.

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OOOOOOOOOOOOOO… Ok, that makes sense too. Thanks KC. I’m overseas so I’m limited to bouncing emails back and forth here, so I appreciate that insight.

Sailing 2nd and 3rd Mate on the Great Lakes, MOPS most basic policy was around $250/year. Like posted above they have different coverages and options. I have a basic policy with a few add ons for around $600/ year. They are super helpful and easy to work with. Every Mate and Captain that I have worked with has said MOPS is no bullshit when it comes time to call them from vessel incidents to injured crew members trying to sue them. For a $100k a year job,$250- $600 is cheap insurance to protect it in my opinion. Of course sailing Chief Mate or Master probably ups the cost a lot, as well as working oil tankers or barges.

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