Life after Retirement


I’m comtemplating retirement after 30 years with MSC (govt. side), but I’m not ready to stop sailing. Interested in sailing commercially, preferably on container ships or other dry cargo types (not much interest in tankers). Can anybody recommend any reputable foreign flag companies that might be interested in US licensed Master? What are the current wages (if known)?


Check with AMO and/or MMP…


You must be a glutton for punishment…if you just can’t get it out of your whithers, buy a sailboat, do a little day sailing, and when have her secured alongside the quay, sit down to a mai tai and write your memoirs. When you finish call me…I know a publisher…


hhmariner, life after MSC…you are following my footprints. I am sailing on Foreign Tanker, Captain makes 15k (net?)per month. Major Oil companies like U.S.Captain on their chartered ships for lingo problems between oil terminals and the ship…Go scratch backs of Oil major companies, open up the door for U.S. Masters & Officers…please