Fellow members I am new to this site so please give me a chance if im doing anything wrong I am just working on renewing my western rivers license for I believe the 5th time and haven’t worked enough to fulfill the hrs requirement so I have to take the test which is open book last time I had to do this I found the info online at the uscg even some of the q s the put in this test aren’t even close to complete I know to run a boat you have to be good but I seem to of lost my crystal ball? thanks guys

welcome aboard!!!

My friend just went through your exact situation. Fortunately he had some study guides he got his answers from. However this is a great place to ask questions, We have all needed help at one time or another and there is a lot of knowledge here that others are glad to share. So ask away and good luck!! Private me and I’ll give you my friends email adress if you want, i’m sure he’d be glad to help too.

good luck