Legal aspects of Autonomous ships

I do not use an alias, here or in any other forum, as I don’t feel the need to hid my identity, or my opinions. Anybody who are interested can check my CV, as some here apparently have done already.

And thanks to some self-proclaimed silicitors and champions of good manners and kinderstube , a fine and worthy of discussion thread is caused to metastasize into idiotic discussion on somebody aliases, nicknames and pseudonyms. Josef Konrad Korzeniowski used " Joseph Conrad " to write his stories and nobody gave a hoot about his real name as long as stories were good.
Who cares??

So let’s check how it works with cars
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1 mil miles and only 3 accidents and no fault of autonomous vehicle.

Imagine what that will mean in a few years when qualified means you have never been to sea because nobody goes to sea any more
The recruitment test might be with a game boy or x box

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Two US Navy unmanned surface vessels (USVs) were spotted navigating Sydney Harbour last month as part of a scheduled port visit. The vessels, USV MARINER and USV RANGER, are capable of fully autonomous operation in the open ocean and can also be controlled remotely from land-based operations centre or from a nearby ship.
USV MARINER and USV RANGER,are converted Incat Crowther designed Fast Supply Vessels (FSV). The ships form Ghost Fleet Overlord, a fleet of test unmanned surface vehicles operated by the U.S. Navy.

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