Legal aspects of Autonomous ships

I do not use an alias, here or in any other forum, as I don’t feel the need to hid my identity, or my opinions. Anybody who are interested can check my CV, as some here apparently have done already.

And thanks to some self-proclaimed silicitors and champions of good manners and kinderstube , a fine and worthy of discussion thread is caused to metastasize into idiotic discussion on somebody aliases, nicknames and pseudonyms. Josef Konrad Korzeniowski used " Joseph Conrad " to write his stories and nobody gave a hoot about his real name as long as stories were good.
Who cares??

So let’s check how it works with cars
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1 mil miles and only 3 accidents and no fault of autonomous vehicle.

Imagine what that will mean in a few years when qualified means you have never been to sea because nobody goes to sea any more
The recruitment test might be with a game boy or x box

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Two US Navy unmanned surface vessels (USVs) were spotted navigating Sydney Harbour last month as part of a scheduled port visit. The vessels, USV MARINER and USV RANGER, are capable of fully autonomous operation in the open ocean and can also be controlled remotely from land-based operations centre or from a nearby ship.
USV MARINER and USV RANGER,are converted Incat Crowther designed Fast Supply Vessels (FSV). The ships form Ghost Fleet Overlord, a fleet of test unmanned surface vehicles operated by the U.S. Navy.

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It is already here, whether we like it or not :

So the population of Norway would be happy for a MASS vessel carrying petroleum products, registered in The Cook Islands, controlled from a centre in Belize, to embark on a coast voyage from one port to another in Norway? I suspect not. I wouldn’t be happy with such a vessel going coastwise in New Zealand.

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It is to avoid such a scenario that rules and regulations are required and adhered to.

International rules are not something that overly concerns some operators.

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which industry is that…
Arent they still looking for the owner of the Prestige?
Who owns the autonomous tankers bringing Russian crude to asia…

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year.

The day when this will be normal may be closer than you (would like to) think:

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