Layup space in demand

There is a growing demand for safe layup berths around the world:

In the UK the popular lay-up spots are Leith, Sunderland and Hull, because vessels have to pass locks to enter them they aren’t subject to tides, so the ships can be tied up and all crew leave the vessel, if there is tide you still need crew to tend to the ropes and fenders. Some parts of the UK have a tidal range of around 14 meters.

Someone told me some places in Norway have a very low tidal range so are good places to lay-up ships. The Canary Islands, particularly Tenerife is another popular place because they are warm and dry all year round so there will be less corrosion.

The rigs tend to go to the Cromarty Firth to be stacked, there are so many there just now the locals are getting sick of looking at them.

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Bahamas has accommodated 50+ passenger vessels for ready layup.