Large pipelayer working in the GoM

The world’s larges pipelaying vessel(??) the Deep Blue;

Is presently operating in the GoM:
Anybody know what she is doing there?

Laying pipe.


In Mobile, Alabama??

She’s been there just about since the day she was built; you shit stirring troll.

Maybe you should check your sources of info before mouthing off with insults.
FYI; she just arrived from Europe and have been working many places, incl. in Brasil;

PS> I can now answer the question about where she will be working in the GoM: PERDIDO FEILD AC857 for Shell.

PPS> You are right that she has been in GoM before though. Like most of this type of vessels she work worldwide, incl. GoM.

The Perdido Spar hull was built in Pori, Finland and transported to the US by Dockwise (On a HLV, not a “barge”) and installed on location by Technip.
The topsides came from many different places and was lifted in place offshore by another Dutch company.

An international effort, like most offshore activities, both in Oil & Gas and Offshore wind projects these days: