Large OSV Master to Master Inland AGT


To be clear, I’ve never heard anyone reference a “2nd captain”. It’s “lead”, “relief”, and “third”. Also, anything beyond “third” (like “4th captain”), as far as I know, has only ever been said as a joke.


Sooooo back to my point. All of my time in the GoM was spent on an unlimited tonnage vessel. My “Master” ran things as you would on a ship minus things being in a 12 hour watch cycle. The Coast Guard should really go 100% in either direction. Either call the person on the ship who takes responsibility in the event that the Master is no longer able to perform duties the “Chief Mate” or do not call the ship an unlimited tonnage vessel. I can see on a crew boat but if I’m on a vessel of unlimited tonnage with a license large enough to be “Master” of the vessel, as well as having time counted towards an unlimited license, then that experience should go together and eliminate a test easier than I took at an academy. Go ahead and blast me now for my self entitlement…


you feel self entitled to not be required to test just like everyone else which is the scam you are trying to get away with. Everyone who wants to obtain an unlimited master’s license be it oceans, near coastal or inland should be expected to be able to pass the required test modules for their license no matter where the seatime was obtained.



I think you’re missing the point. It’s not so much a scam as much as it is a lack of consistency from the regulations. Don’t make a 6k ton OSV unlimited tonnage then! Haha I didn’t make these rules but let’s attack my thought process. If I can accumulate Unlimited time while sailing in a capacity that legally allows me to run the boat as Master, why shouldn’t I feel somewhat entitled to at least consideration from the nmc as competent enough to have that license without further examination? Maybe they should come up with a new examination for this instead of the bs repeat of a 3/m test with extra business (which I took as the crossover from 2/m to 1600t master). If you’ve sailed as master of a 6k ton OSV which is by COI unlimited tonnage, you’re saying that person isnt competent enough to sail as on an unlimited tonnage vessel that isn’t an OSV? Even though the tonnage may be slightly more or even the exact same? @c.captain I’ll take free lunch over paying for lunch any damn day btw




I normally read these sorta things and laugh but gotta tell y’alls I went from 1600 master to that large osv and went to master unlimited with no test. My time as master on an unlimited vessel counted towards it. After some talk with the evaluator they thought I was entitled to it I’m guessin so keep at it @uniqueusername


I cannot say with adequate words how much I PHUCKING LOATHE the MISERABLE BACKWARDS industry!

I wished to hell I was Norwegian…at least they know to treat a large OSV as a proper ship and not some boat on FUCKING STEROIDS!


You joined gCaptain less than 10 minutes before you posted this. Are you the same guy who started the p!$$1ng contest about going from large OSV to master unlimited without a test a few months ago…?


Nah usually just browse seen this and decided to participate beings that I’ve been there and he’s fixing to do it. You sound like some daggon mainstream media though with the whole collusion connection lmao


If you’re not full of shit then the evaluator fucked up. You didn’t earn it or deserve it.


So then we are in agreement that a Master running a large osv giving its compliment unlimited tonnage sea time is qualified to sail as unlimited Master with enough experience and sea time without an examination?


I agree to nothing you claim but you might agree with me that you can…

why am I even here anymore with such pissant wankers infesting this place?


No. Anyone who wants an Unlimited license has to take the exams, just as they should.


Because you love wielding the pointy stick?


So this 2nd Captain thing. If he is splitting his time as master and mate why wouldn’t his sea service letter reflect that? As in ‘Served as Master from 01JAN-14Jan and served as Mate from 15JAN-28JAN’.

I’ve never worked in the GoM so I’m just asking from ignorance.


Also from ignorance and out of curiosity, what is it about operations in the GOM that make the regular master/ mate arrangement not feasible?


Ok one more time …

We all do 12 hour watches. Way back when the boats were smaller you only had two deck officers a Master and a mate. Some operations like ROV or frac boats had customer requirements for two fully qualified masters. This way ops could be 24 hours. Back then the mate drove the boat from sea buoy to rig and rig to sea buoy none of them had much boat handling experience. So when you had to have two qualified masters onboard one was the master the other was the second captain. This was done out of respect or to stroke egos depending on the captains involved. Only one was the master as far as the law was concerned and made all the decisions. The term just carried over forever until recently. DPO requirements now call for two bridge officers on each watch so now we have way more mates than we used to. The mates are trained better and expected to drive the boat from dock to dock, up and down the bayou or offshore. So now you will have a non watch standing master with CM and a 3rd mate on one watch and 2nd and 3rd mate on the other. The term is not used widely anymore and we all bring it up constantly as a joke. With times being slow it is not uncommon now to have a vessel with 2 or more company qualified masters. Either they are in a 28/14 rotation or they don’t have anywhere else to put them. In that instance they are a mate not referred to as captain (unless done so out of respect) and their sea time letter will state CM,2nd, 3rd mate as the case applies.


The problem is not within the NMC. The problem is with goofy ass COI’s, requested by companies and granted by OCMI’s, That only name a Master and “X” number of Mates. Without spelling out 3rd,2nd, Chief Etc…


No way in hell. For innumerable reasons.


If you’re not full of crap…it’s gonna catch up with you.