Lahood to possibly stay on as head of the D.O.T

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LaHood indicates he’ll stay at DOT, but White House yet to confirm
By David Tanner, Land Line associate editor
U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has indicated that he’ll be staying on as the Department of Transportation’s top official. President Obama continues to work on his Cabinet appointments and reappointments, and has not officially said whether LaHood will stay on.

The indications are there at least. LaHood stated in his Fast Lane blog on Thursday, Jan. 10, that he is looking forward to working with members of the 113th Congress to address national transportation issues.

LaHood posted the blog to congratulate the elected members of the 113th Congress.

“In addition to congratulating the 113th, I also want them to know that I look forward to working with them to address our national transportation priorities,” he said.

Some websites are reporting that LaHood was not on President Obama’s latest list of Cabinet positions, but most acknowledge that the list is not complete without an official White House seal.

During President Obama’s first term, LaHood went after distracted driving with a fervor, using DOT’s jurisdiction to ban texting and driving for truck and bus drivers. And while the DOT does not have jurisdiction over regulating texting for motorists – which is up to the states – LaHood continues to campaign on the dangers of distraction through DOT guidance, blogs, videos and public-service announcements.

LaHood was the only Republican in President Obama’s first Cabinet. Prior to taking office, he was a seven-term congressman from Illinois.

Last year, LaHood indicated he might not be back as DOT secretary, but later he said he would consider staying on if President Obama got re-elected.

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