Knud Bent “Andy” Andersen crosses the bar

For the ‘old timers’ who had the privilege of sailing with Andy, or those of us who met him in the office of the SUP San Francisco office, Andy Anderson crossed the bar a couple of weeks ago. There is a really nice obituary in the union paper, the West Coast Sailor. If the link doesn’t work, just go to and click under WCS. I count myself lucky to have met him.

that is sad … my condolences

Thanks for posting this Texaco.

I was reading the WCS online last week and learned of Andy passing.

A seaman’s seaman and good friend of the working man. When I joined the SUP in '97, it was Andy that registered me and shipped me. When asked if I would be interested in taking a job on a newly contracted LMSR, my response was “of course”. I never refused a job and he always remembered that.

I hope Andy’s final voyage across the bar was a smooth one.