Know Your Battery Supplier

From the FBI:

(It’s about time. This has been going on for years.)



Wow, thank you. I am sure this will become more of a thing now more than ever.

And not just with batteries. I worked on a new Polish built AHTS & pretty much all the Schneider contractors started failing within the first 2 years of service. Dozens of contractors going bad every quarter. It was so bad an engineer from the shipyard came to investigate & admitted it was likely counterfeit parts made it into the supply chain.

Lead-acid batteries are big and heavy enough that it never occurred to me there would be fakes around. I used to be a dealer for East-Penn Deka and I watched the East Penn truck show up from Pennsylvania, so I knew our batteries were legit.
My big worry would be lithium batteries, if they are not a reputable USA/EU based brand like Battleborn or Mastervolt, you might be getting ANYTHING inside the case. Not so much counterfeit as a total lack of consistency and quality control. The worst I ever dealt with was some Asian batteries cracking and leaking acid all over, lithium cells can catch on fire and you are not going to be putting it out.

  • Am I thinking too big? Tools and computers have batteries too, I know of a vessel lost because of a drill battery that caught on fire, and then there is the dive boat that we all think burned because of a battery gone bad in a camera or light.

Did you mean contactors or did you get counterfeit people?


Looks like your changes of getting a Litium-Ion battery that is NOT produced in Asia is relatively small, based on this list of 15 largest producers in the world:

For marine use that requires Class approval it appears to be fewer manufacturers to chose from:


Corvus Energy is the self-proclaimed leader in the field of batteries for electric propulsion and hybrid systems on ships:


Using some parts from China <> made in China. A top-tier USA based battery maker like Battleborn may buy Chinese cells, but they will make sure to use the best cells and test everything themselves. Buying any of the 101 discount Chinese battery brands that come and go offers you no certainty of what is inside the case. They could be using top-tier cells, reject cells, or any other random parts they can find that day.
Many insurance companies have caught on to this, a random Chinese battery and DIY installation can mean no insurance.

Best lead acid batteries I’ve ever seen were Yamaha batteries fro Japan. Lasted 12 years. We replaced them with a new set of “American” NAPA batteries about every three years.


I don’t even trust USA manufacturers to insure the parts they order from China are up to spec. I have seen them order samples from China which are top quality and use them in their certifications. Once the orders start flowing they assume the product they are receiving is of the same quality but often once the Chinese contractor gets the contract the quality goes down and profits go up for the Chinese supplier as the price remains the same. Unless the USA manufacturer checks every incoming shipment they have no idea what they are getting. When things go south for the US manufacturer they keep quiet because what are they going to do? Sue the Chinese or admit their products may not be as advertised? Could the USA manufacturer get the same raw materials from another more reputable country? Maybe, but the cost might be higher so they roll the dice with the Chinese so they can compete for a little while.


Corvus most popular battery is their design called ‘Orca’. Orca uses LG chem JP3 cells as do most other notable marine batteries manufacturers with NMC cells.

I’ve dealt with a lot of conterfiet people/technicians/3rd party too. They are more of a pain in the ass than the counterfeit contactors. Contactors are easier to change, don’t eat our food & don’t over charge as much. Pardon my Android overactive autocorrect.

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This is getting a bit technical and may need some clarification.

What is best; LFP or NMC cells?:

Corvus Energy has two battery factories in Norway:

And are setting up more due to incresed demand.

You will be please to know that Corvus is setting up a battery factory in the US:

The manufacturing facility, with an annual capacity of 200 MWh of stored energy capacity, will support demand for marine BESS in the Americas as the marine industry accelerates its adoption of decarbonization technology to meet global GHG emissions reduction targets.

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