Kings Point Ad


What bothered me was the mention towards the end that because other nations are projecting power, we need more Obligated merchant marine officers. I’m a little offended by the implication that my fellow lowly state academy grads or hawsepipers wouldn’t voluntarily sail US flag in times of war.

Unrelated but slightly irksome, I happened to look at the MarAd website today. There’s a USMMA link and a State Academy link. Under the State Academy link the list of academy’s has KP listed first…subtle promotion.


If MARAD performed its mission “To foster and promote the U.S. Merchant Marine and the American maritime industry to strengthen the maritime transportation system — including landside infrastructure, the shipbuilding and repair industry, and labor — to meet the economic and national security needs of our Nation” we might have enough ships to employ officers and unlicensed without worrying about what other nations are doing.

MARAD is nothing but another deep hole in the swamp and KP is just another mud bank where the swamp dwellers can crawl out to lay their eggs.


Not only listed first, but out of alphabetical order and listed under the stated maritime academies heading.


If each of the six state schools and KP each supply 12% of the active deep sea officers, that totals 84% of all active deep sea officers come from the seven academies. So, the other 16% must come from the military, the union schools, and straight up the hawsepipe. If accurate, that is a very interesting statistic.


About 1 in 5 or so non-academy, that seems about right.


If they closed KP, we would have 100% less ego in the business…


My experience with KPeers has been good.


Hardly. . . . .


Mine has been mixed, to tell you the truth. . . .I wouldn’t say that they are better or worse than state alumni or hawsepipers. . .I look to the man (woman) and not so much his or her training. . . .


I’m dedicating this one to you c.capt!


thanks for the dedication John…with that said, I listened to your Podcast and came away with my previous views entirely unchanged.


I’d love to hear a podcast with c.captain and john having a friendly debate over this subject.


“friendly debate”? but for the record, I really don’t give two shits about KP as much as I am extremely unhappy that nobody in our government is doing ONE GODDAMNED THING to restore the US merchant fleet! As I has said to John before, if a political deal were made to double the funding for the MSP meant doubling funding to KP then fine. Our government is a miserable pit of waste so why expect MarAd to be any better. All I want is for there to be ships and jobs and if the cost is much higher than it could be then it is too high but at least we will have some results. expensive results yes, but still results and that is 100% more than we have today