Just released: Where he got the drugs from

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[I]“The pills were obtained from a number of different sources — a local pharmacist, a grocery story pharmacist and through the mail — in the 60 days leading up to the crash, according to a National Transportation Safety Board review of the accident, due to be published in the coming weeks.”[/I]
[I]…Sounds like a savy shopper…conciencious consumer…looking for the best price …all the time…anytime ?[/I]

[I][B]This guy knew [U]exactly[/U] what he was doing…:mad:[/B][/I]

Who gives a F#$%?


Having read some of this information and news reports posted - who could not care ? I realize some of members on here have a lot more experience than me in this industry…I’m only a 2/m nobody.

I can safely attest that I have had the pleasure of working with pilots within the US and overseas - as many on here most likely have. The majority are very professional, but have noticed a few times over the years here and there that some seem to show their ass - thinking they are all that. Wheather its drug induced - who knows?

I care - just as I would care if it was discovered that the school bus driver bringing my kid to school each day was on any of these cocktale prescriptions…let alone a fellow watch partner or a mate onboard, captain…or a pilot. Who the hell would not ?

It is ashame how one lunatict can paint this end of the industry by his indulgences - but maybe some better oversight will come about because of this incident. Apparantly - it’s long overdue. A lot of the information links on these posts here are seem to be very forthcoming and obvious.

[quote=cmjeff;10036]Who gives a F#$%?


I care that there are men piloting very large vessels through our ports who are mentally impared. Think of the lives that could have been lost if he ran over a ferry!

As I stated in another thread- I care not to have my ship conned by someone high on drugs.

How does the ship Master ascertain the Pilot is high? Can’t breathalyze for Vicodan or Hydocodone. Observation? What if you are wrong??

Let me rephrase that. I do care that he was on a list of controlled drugs. I do not care about his shopping habits.

Listen if you need to take one controlled substance to treat a condition that is affecting your job, that is ok by me. Taking 6 is unconscionable.

My point is the man is admittedly guilty, do we have to drag in the ugly details?

You’reright it’s impossible to know until he starts making errors but the solution is easy. As Master you have to be prepared and able to take over from the pilot at all times. The biggest crime on these offshore vessels I work on is that some Captains haven’t transited a port since they were 3/m’s (if at all), others haven’t seen one in 5 years. They come into port and hand the reins over to the pilot. A very dangerous practice in my opinion!

I’m not saying you should know how to Med-Moor your ship in 8kts of current but you danm well better know how to find a safe anchorage. If your on a tramp run and have experience with many different scenarios, you’re good to go but otherwise the company should give you the option of flying out to the port for a few ride-alongs. Not in a simulator, you need to get your a$$ in the seat.

This is an information forum but will make exception in this case.

I do not accept advice from people that lack experience and especially in how to manage my ship.


  1. Ships crew.
  2. The ship
  3. The cargo

A Pilot that comes aboard stoned if it can be ascertained in time will be dealt with accordingly. What I do and how I do it is my prerogative.

Really tired of people without the background telling me what I should do hypothetically or otherwise. If anyone is offended by this too bad.

Bcause of his baldfaced attempts as ducking the blame afterwards when he knew DAMNED WELL that HE was the responsible individual. Do you not recall how he blamed the master, the ecdis, the radars, the helmsman, the VTS and damned near anything he could think of to try to wriggle out of when he knew he was GUILTY. Remember how he would not allow himself so speak and only did so through his lawyer?

That CLOWN Cota is without shame, honor or professionalism of any kind and deserves to be pilloried by his fellows like myself and I am happy to oblige.

It is also important to know how these Bozos get their drugs to cut off their air supply just so others can’t follow right behind Cota but this time kill a hundred people in the process. Prescription drug abuse is rampant in our country and I for one do not tolerate anyone in a position where lives are at risk to be one of those abusers. Do you want the pilot on your next flight to be one?