Cosco Busan And The Criminilization Of Mariners Poll

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So what are your thoughts?

This is from post to another thread: Did not think Cota deserved jail time but found out which drugs he was taking. So were any of these drugs in his system while piloting? I now believe this was the case. To put it in terms we can all relate- The fate of my children, marriage, home, career and finances could have been resting in the hands of some fellow high on drugs! NO, no way and no how.

Cota had a drug test administered. Two samples were taken. These were tested for the NIDA-5. Could these samples be tested now for any of the drugs he was prescribed or alleged taking?

As for the random tests “took 2 months to take test”, I though it was pretty cut and dry, 3 hours or leave MMD at the door. Where is the oversight on the drug test administrator??

Now what about the Captain of the “Cosco Busan”? We know the Pilots fate.

I believe since they are being compensated so well they deserve to take more of the blame!
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