I've got one week to decide - glma or tamug

I have been on this forum a bit, done a lot of searches, read a lot of input on the various academies. So I am being a bit redundant on the age old “which academy” question…but I thought it couldn’t hurt to throw the question out there given my time frame.

GLMA or TAMUG? Those are my only options due to my wife’s employment options.



I can’t speak about GLMA but I’m at TAMUG now and it’s a mess. We don’t have a training ship and we have new Corps leadership which is completly unresponsive to student input. If you have a degree already glma has a 3 year program. Honestly, knowing what I know now, and having a previous degree, I’d look much more seriously at GLMA or SUNY maritime.Hope this helps!

I very strongly encourage you to go to GLMA. They have a great program up there in Traverse City. Cadets on my MSC ships from GLMA have all been very helpful, knowledgeable, and great people. GLMA has there own training ship and it is an ex TAGOS, a great platform to learn shiphandling. Northern Michigan is beautiful and you get to have all four seasons, something for everyone now matter what your are into. GLMA has a relaxed regiment which is great because who wants to deal with the garbage. You should give Texas Maritime a wide berth and head north to Michigan.

Thanks for everyone’s input to date - posted here on the board, and those that sent private messages.

After reviewing a number of personal items with the wife, to include her job opportunities, we have come down on the side of GLMA.

Personally, I had a great visit to TAMUG a number of months ago, and have found the staff there to be very helpful and encouraging. Of great news is the fact that it appears that TAMUG will be getting a new training ship in the fall, as well as adding some vessels to their small boat fleet.

In the end, however, MI is my home state, I am an older, second career guy, I don’t mind snow, and I like the idea of learning how to squeeze a ship with no bow thrusters into some of the small ports of the Great Lakes. My wife and I will be headed up in a few weeks to drink some wine, watch the fall colors change, drink some wine, do some hiking, drink some wine…and finalize my application with an interview.

Again - thanks for the help…