ITF verses PCA

ITF: Panama Canal Authority On Course to Undermine Reputation of Panama’s Most Vital National Asset

December 11, 2018 by Editorial

The entire report by the Brazilian contractor employed by the ITF provides an interesting insight into the operational capabilities of the new locks and the assisting tugs. But, nowhere in the report is the question of tug crew fatigue addressed. The ITF insistence that it does is nothing more than an attempt by typical maritime labor leaders to justify feather bedding. The PCA is not going to fall for this obvious ploy.

PCA? You must be a gringo.

It’s ACP (Autoridad del Canal de Panama’).

Calling the ACP the PCA is like calling the FBI the IBF.

Are you talking about the report entitled “FATIGUE AMONG PANAMA CANAL TUGBOAT CAPTAINS”?

Did you see appendix 4? entitled START AND STOP SHIFT TIMES OF TUGBOAT CAPTAINS?