It Matters How a Mariner Learns Navigation

Yes, the other way around. To me it’s as useful as a PSA that says “don’t drink and drive”. As a standalone statement, it’s unlikely to change anyone’s behavior. The advice to ‘look out the window’ without a framework to support it carries no more weight than a PSA. To be effective, it has to be part of a loop. Something akin to @MAK’s ‘window timer’ inserts the advice into a practical sphere that will create a habit; muscle memory for the brain if you like.


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This all prompts the lessons learned by the crash of a PSA 727 in San Diego in the 80’s. SDO is where I got my civilian wings, so to speak and gave me the perspective at what happened. Boiled down to my opinion, the PSA crew was NOT looking out the window when they hit the Cessna 172 from behind. All the things available to keep aircraft from colliding were present but not being utilized. Looking out the window was at the top of the list.

Knowing what you are looking at was the main point in the destroyer Higbee grounding in the 70’s. The OOD saw white caps to the north and thought it was the tsunami he had read about so he turned the ship to face the wave and ran hard aground on Pratas Reef!

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CB, just a little clarification about Pratas Reef, my friend.

Frank Knox is the can that beached herself.
Higbee is the can that lost her after gun mount to a mig-17

Yeah, yer right! Hey! I’m old! I get things out of sequence…!