Iskenderun and Mersin MIP Ports Latest Status

With the bypass of Iskenderun Port after the earthquake, Mersin International Port, where the loads shifted, was stuck in export cargoes due to heavy traffic and overcapacity demand. MIP management switched to the ‘Controlled Container Acceptance System’ in order to overcome the bottleneck. There is a need to pave the way for freight transfer to the special bonded storage areas in the region and additional train services.

After the Iskenderun Port, which was closed due to the fire in Kahramanmaras earthquakes and announced to be closed for 3 months, the density of ship traffic in the Eastern Mediterranean continues to increase.

While Iskenderun cargoes are shifted to other ports in Adana and Hatay, especially in Mersin, the increasing density at Mersin International Port negatively affects cargo operations. MIP, which has been working at full capacity and high occupancy rate for many years, has come to the point of blockage with the shift of Iskenderun loads to itself. In order to overcome the congestion experienced, MIP management is switching to Controlled Container Acceptance system for export cargoes. Details about the new application are expected to be shared by MIP this week.