Is it worth it?

First of all you are way too young to be thinking about marriage. I know I am echoing here, but a successful marriage is possible offshore. It all depends on the choices you make, how you treat each other and the right girl. This is my second marriage going on twelve years now. My first marriage I was home every night and it didn’t make a difference. It was doomed from the beginning.

I agree that you should enjoy what you do, and I do enjoy calling an engineer to clean up a mess that I made. I would NEVER go into the engineering department.

Unemployment? I hear about people having this problem and I would like to comment on my experience with this. I have been working on vessels for 14 years now. If I wanted I could have worked 365 days of everyone of these years. That is including the UPS and downs. I work less now as a choice, but I could work more. Once you get a little experience you should never have a problem finding work as a deck officer.