Is it FAIR to sanction individual master mariners operating in FOC environment

Does this have any real impact to a mariner on the other side of the world?

I mean most of the people on this fourm face 10 years in a Mauritian prison for referring to the Chagos Archipelago as “British” (AKA the British Indian Ocean territory AKA Diego Garcia, whoops did it again)

This threat means nothing to me, because I have no intention of going to Mauritius. Shame, it looks beautiful.


I wouldn’t say it’s Unfair.

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Might affect their ability to use a credit card or access to a banking institution as well as any visa required if they travel to a US or European port.

Kind of misguided as chartering the cargo is out of the masters control.

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It’s absolutely fair to sanction ships owners, flag states, class societies, financiers, insurers, P&I Clubs, and ships officers (not just scapegoating the Master) for transporting Russian or Iranian oil. The thing that is wrong is that there are only three Masters on this sanctions list, when there should be hundreds.


Toxic Tonnage-1.pdf (728.2 KB)

Nice read.

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Then i suppose You would say it is fair. If so can You expand a bit and say why fair.???

If they don’t get to pick the cargo and are presumably on their equivalent of foreign articles the whole time because no one ever actually goes to their home country except Americans I’m not sure what they’re supposed to do.

I do respect Your opinion but what is missing is some validation of your opinion regarding ALL OFICERS.

Any chance You can elaborate ??? Have read many of Your comments and I am sure 100% it will be a walk in the park for You.

Difficult to see what is your experience both theoretical as well as practical but must say honestly my jaw dropped upon seeing what is below, as it makes me wondering how the hell have You earned what is in the red…

I think that every slightly educated person, and virtually all ships officers, should understand that the Iranian, Russian, and North Korean regimes led by Khomeni, Putin, and Kim, are fundamentally evil and the source of many of The World’s worst problems, not to mention their own people.

The half-assed light-weight sanctions imposed thus far have done nothing to deter Khomeni, Putin, and Kim.

Only three Masters sanctioned—- what an impotent joke. That accomplishes nothing.

I’m not a believer in half measures that anyone with common sense should realize are ineffective.

If there are going to be any sanctions, they should be designed to be effective. That means sanction everyone that is involved in enabling these evil regimes.

As long as they are given advance notice (which US law requires) that they will be sanctioned if they enable these evil regimes, then the sanctions are fair.

Then it’s their choice if they want to enable violation of US sanctions on Khomeni, Kim and Putin, and risk being sanctioned themselves.

What is the effect of US sanctions on a ship’s officer? No port calls in the US? No US Visas? Seizure of assets in the US (which few would have)? No US bank accounts or financing (which few would seek)? No college in the US? No employment with US companies? No asylum or refugee status in the US?

In short, the effect of US sanctions of the typical foreign officer might not seem to be much of a sanction, but such sanctions might reduce the number of crew willing to sail on ships that enable Putin, Kim and Khomeni.

At the least, we could keep these Khomeni, Putin and Kim enabling ships officers out of the US, and the owners of sanctions evading “dark fleet” ships would find it more difficult and expensive to hire officers.

I am extending my empathy to the people of Ukraine, Russia, Iran, North Korea, South Korea, and all victims of Iran enabled Islamic terrorism.


Agree. (But Khamenei instead of Khomeni. Same beard but different guy. :wink:


OK.I understand Your point , even with my even less then slight education, compared to US standards and am happy to say that especially on one point - namely:

we agree.

Half assed light weight !!! Well i am surprised by Your magnanimity by providing such a qualification as I very well remember the first sanctions and now we have 14th or 15th set of sanctions???

But what does that mean ??? Does that mean that folks in US government , Intel and other agencies/services responsible and paid for having not very agood but excellent knowledge of what level of sanctions to apply to be effective had no common sense??? And same applies to EU and other countries in the US club.

Does that mean the intel on economy . military strenght etc,etc on mentioned regimes was bogus or poor/inadequate ???

Makes me wonder. May be they shoud ask the doctors how to fight a disease ??? I am not a doctor but i know that aplication of antibiotic in double dose must be first , followed later by regular doses in regular intervals as otherwise, whatever agent causing the disease ,develops immunity against applied measures . Seems to me quite simple strategy.

Therefore I am also not a believer in half measures. But may be and I am speculating here, there are some other reasons the US and EU public are not allowed /permited to know .

The reason I have opened this thread is that I clearly remember, that during the apex of somali pirates activity , when abt 150+ FOC seafarers were taken as hostages , kept in dire conditions for months, undergoing mock executions and all kinds of atrocities from captors , the Obama Administration also threathened all those owners /managers, who would dare to negotiate the release of highjacked seafarers by paying ransom money. Their principle reason for such threats was that nobody should negotiate with pirates and that was well known position of the US Government. Honestly I was outraged at such a dictum.

Therefore IMHO sanctioning innocent FOC seafarers by the US government reminds me of a Houthies tactics who sink ships and kill innocent seafarers because they have some agenda , they consider valid.

As to Your list of consequences due to US sanctions I will revert later and since Alias freighterman1 so readily agress with You then may be He would care to elaborate too. Could be interesting.

Not allowing a foreign seafarer who does business with our enemies to obtain a visa or bank account does not come close to Houthi’s sinking merchant ships or killing crew. That’s a total false equivalency.

If FOC officers are so beholden to shipowners that they can’t turn-down/quit a job that risks the ire of United States foreign policy, that’s on them(all three of them in this case?) They’ve made their decision and these are the consequences. I suppose the same could be said of Americans transiting the Red Sea risking themselves against Houthi “foreign policy”, but I know which side I prefer.


In the big picture, this is a decision we all make. I’m sure the russians hold the same opinion of folks running aid to Ukraine, as did the Nazis with the US aiding the allies, as did Great Britian during the 1770’s. Everyone condems the enemy’s supply chain, thats how war works.


All those Gurus yapping about sanctions with great anger and passion.

Walk the talk !!!as one can see You still like russian uranium not to mention diamonds.
So one can see half assed sanction can be deposited …where the sun does not shine. Conquer your greed first , then take care of ruskies . Just saying

Kazakhstan ??? Uzbekistan ??? :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:. Who is naive here.???

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Have listened to below podcast regarding unintended consequences of sanctions. Insurance experts explain how difficult for the owners it is to figure the origin of the cargo and explain why as well . Very interesting . Hence the question in the thread title seems to me still valid.