Is driving a truck really a good job?

the trucking industry has been disquieted about lack of parking, citing it as a contributor to driver fatigue. The ATA said there are 11 truck drivers for every one parking space. In 2009, truck driver Jason Rivenburg was killed after parking overnight at an abandoned gas station. He was unable to park at the warehouse where he was scheduled to deliver a load of milk.

These guys make it seem fun.

Having a family member who was a long haul driver and who died far too young from physical and mental stress, my answer is no, it is not a good job.


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There are numerous Trucker YouTube channels the detail the current state of Truckin’. Hard to make ends meet for independent owner operators right now.

Over the road working for the big carriers blows. Im still filling in running a triaxle dump driving on a scale wage job 10 miles from my house when I want. I was pissed, did 6wks on a boat, get home and Ive gotta move a boat :laughing:


In all honesty I did my class 1 both in Europe and Canada and I do odd jobs here and there but it’s not a job I’d recommend

I can fully understand shortages in the market the company I work for has its own fleet as well as its own ships