Irish Navy is hiring!

Which points out yet again that the labor shortage is a world wide phenomena, and not confined to any one trade or country. No political party is responsible for it. Any campaign to recruit labor from the common labor pool will meet similar campaigns from the other employers in that pool with the wherewithal to do so, negating any advantage.

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They’re looking for engineers (ie those with options ashore). I’m on vacation and saw that in a local paper:

people were voting with their feet because we didn’t have a proper retention and remuneration policy to keep them.
No mention of whether they have one now.

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Now about the Guinness.


After dinner in front of a fire.

There is no labor shortage, there is a cheap labor shortage.

Pay the money and there is plenty of labor.

Not if you want Irish nationals/residents:

How many of those unemployed that would be able and willing to join the navy is another question

You’re not wrong, but it would be better for the navy to improve compensation and develop its work force, and let the private sector sponsee and compete for foreign workers.