Iranian Gibraltar tanker Grace 1

I’m new and live in Holland and wonder what happened with the Iranian tanker Grace 1 that last autumn was occupied by the British navy because the tanker transported illegal oil from Iran to Turkey, Syria? During the occupation the tanker changed it name: Adrian Darya 1 and more than 2 weeks it was hot news. But where is it now and how is the situation about the tanker. No news or forgotten by everyone???

The latest AIS track is from 230 days ago off the coast of Syria. According to this article, she offloaded there sometime in October, but no info since then.

edit 10 (final): I believe I’ve fairly reliably tracked her from September (last AIS signal) through October (STS offloading operation described above) to the latest Sentinel satellite photo from 15 April. The easiest way to spot ships in open sea is NDWI filter.

She’s fairly easy to tell apart from other ships - length over 300 m, green deck and fairly bright white deckhouse (if using natural colors).

So, Adrian Darya 1 has been plying back and forth Syrian territorial waters with her AIS transmitter off ever since, sometimes meeting other ships (bunkering, provisions?) but usually alone.

edit (one more): This satellite photo shows nicely why the deckhouse stands out as a small white speck in the Sentinel photographs: