Iranian aircraft carrier on the move

The “Aircraft carrier / Frigate Shahid Mahdavi”:


Source: (VIDEO) For the First Time, Iranian Revolutionary Guard's Ship Carries Out Long-Distance Mission - Defence Security Asia

Geez, without the gray paint, I would have looked at the helos and boats and thought mega-size expedition tender…fishing boats, some off-road vehicles, helos to get the boss and guests to the golf course…

Scary, though. A fair bit of flexing by the Persians.

Maybe she is heading towards Straits of Florida for a bit of “Freedom of Navigation” demonstration?

Quite a bit of gear they have managed to put together here, using an old container ship and a few $ mill.:

The Iranian-flagged containership Perrarin in 2014. As of February 2023, the ship is undergoing conversion into a drone aircraft carrier to be used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy. (Photo: Hao-En)



There are one more container vessel converted to use as “Drone Aircraft Carrier”. The other one is named Shahid Bagheri: