International Dynamic Positioning Operators Association (IDPOA) Launches


Membership Association Launched for Dynamic Positioning Operators.

The International Dynamic Positioning Operators Association (IDPOA) was launched at the inaugural European Dynamic Positioning Conference in London, on 29th June 2009.
The new not-for-profit professional body provides a representative voice to the maritime industry, while working to enhance and improve the professional interests of DPO’s and related companies worldwide, offering news, industry debate, training, recruitment and careers guidance.

Membership of IDPOA is available across different grades, from the most experienced DP Masters, Senior and Junior DPO’s, to those on the technical side, and those with a desire to work with DP. Bringing together a truly global DP community, members benefit from professional recognition, a support network of experts and mentors, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) tools and access to the very latest DP jobs.

Steven Jones, executive director of IDPOA, introduced the Association during his presentation at the conference and commented, “A point has been reached where DPO’s want and need their very own professional network.”
In assessing the role of the organization and the benefits it brings he added, “The industry is at a juncture in the recruitment, training and management of DP personnel, and as we struggle to safeguard the supply and capabilities of qualified and skilled DPOs into the future, IDPOA offers a solution for industry and for individuals to drive positive change and continual improvement.”
Further information about the International Dynamic Positioning Operators Association (IDPOA), individual and corporate membership packages are available at


As a bit of an update…
I have been a member since its inception & both the news & the forum have picked up steam.
The association is working a number of issues to benefit DPO’s & I believe we should all offer our support