Interesting Ship of The Week - Nasa Recovery Ships

When one thinks of a NASA ship, it’s generally not the seagoing type that pops into ones head. However, NASA does in fact have two vessels made … Click HERE to read the full blog article.

I guess these are soon to be unemployed. Welcome to the ranks of the job seeking unemployed. Welcome to “Change”.

24 hours before a shuttle launch, when the two ships set out to sea, manned by highly trained crews of professional merchant mariners and divers.

During the operation, each ship retrieves one booster. Each ship has a permanently assigned crew of 10: a captain, two mates, four seamen, two marine engineers and a cook.

[SIZE=3]The line must stretch to Delaware to get those jobs.

Sounds like a cool job…

What sucks is that NASA was looking to build two new boats and contract out the operation of them. Not going to happen now that our government has decided its not important that we research manned space fight for the near future.

The company I work for was one of the ones looking to get the contract. Sounded really cool and I was hoping to go down and fill in once or twice when needed.