Industry Will Need Almost 150,000 More Seafarers by 2025

[I]There is no avoiding the fact that the global fleet is increasing and more manpower is needed.


Recent thread about this:

[QUOTE=DeckApe;184623]There is a lack of officers 1) of the quality and experience they want 2) at the price they desire to pay.[/QUOTE]

The rest of the thread is basically summarized as companies don’t want to spend money on better wages, crew quality of life, and/or crew relief.

[QUOTE=DamnYankee;184618]Make it a job like the tech sector that people are beating the doors down to get a shot in. Sailors are motivated by one thing overall. Money[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=catherder;184619]Have you been paying attention to the tech sector? Intel and other companies playing the H1-B shuffle by laying off qualified Americans and forcing them to train their Indian replacements. They get away with it, too. The shipping companies are salivating at the chance to do the same thing to us, and that is why you are seeing these articles repeatedly surface in the news. The public is being primed for the next big rape and pillage of an American industry. It’s already going on with Jones act waivers. The muckity mucks have the public convinced that American mariners make their plastic Chinese made shit more expensive.


[QUOTE=DeckApe;184666]It won’t matter. Sooner or later they’ll replace many of us with automation. The reduction of jobs will result in an oversupply of mariners which will drive down wages for the humans and without an increase in our quality of life.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=DamnYankee;184625]I’m just tired of reading these B.S. articles.[/QUOTE]

Opps sorry guys and gals.

Jones Act Waivers!!! what an abomination!!
I was in the tech sector 9 years ago before I got a chance to go to sea.
I had no idea it was still considered a great deal. I saw everything go
to hell in 2001 after the dot com crash. I remember my department at Microsoft
being shipped overseas twice to have all the source code stolen. I remember the
the phoney h1b waivers coming to work and being so scared to admit they made a
common mistake. Jones Act Waivers!! Wait till I tell my old school union friends
about that term!

By 2025 you say… Coincidentally the year I anticipate retiring. I feel sorry for youngsters coming up in this industry.

It will take not dozens but HUNDREDS (maybe thousands!) of letters being written to your Congressmen, Senators and politically connected organizations. Unfortunately what they listen to best is contributions.

That’s what makes the world turn. Now you younger sailors get writing.