Indonesia, US break ground on joint Strategic Maritime Centre

Everything is seen through the lenses of China and the South China Sea these days. Yet:

Maybe this problem is better left to ASEAN and China to sort out between them??

Until China develops the off shore oil in the South China Sea 85% of their oil moves through the Malacca Strait. China is under the present regime comfortable in their position to ignore any criticism from any outside country or organisation.
Their shore based anti ship missiles cover the entire South China Sea and mainland China remains outside the range of ship launched missiles or carrier based aircraft.
Their actions in HongKong will cause the collapse of the area as a financial centre and they don’t care.
They are supplying pressure to their diaspora to toe the party line, casting aside commercial agreements and disrespecting patents while we are expected to trust them.
Good luck with that.


China the worlds biggest bully, needs the world to gang up to keep them under control without that they will ride roughshod over their neighbours…oh they already did that…

Maybe they need the Libyan message, a few cruise missiles into selected buildings…

Yes that would be a smart idea. If you do you can CYAG!!!

one from each country in the world, who will they shoot back at?