In San Francisco Bay Area, SIU or SUP?

Okay, so, right now, Piney Hall in Maryland, for the SIU, is not taking new applicants for their apprenticeship program.

Being someone who has never worked at sea on a civilian ship, which union would you guys recommend, the SIU in Oakland, or the SUP in San Francisco? I would be interested in enlisted/“unlicensed” employment, not officer/“licensed” employment.

The SUP seems to have a way that you can take STCW classes in Southern California and be reimbursed.

I would need STCW95 courses before I could go to sea, correct? Even as an Ordinary Seaman? I saw something that said I could get some kind of waiver for STCW, since I was in the USN, if I can get a document of my sea time and give that to the USCG.

One would think the SIU would spell out this kind of information on their home page, but if it is there, I don’t see it. :frowning: