Importance of Bridge Management

This article from Maasmond Newsletter today:

The captain was not using all available resources but the VTS officer had a high mental workload? WTF? At least they didn’t use he excuse that Houston VTS always uses, that it’s not their job.

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The VTS officer’s high mental workload at a critical time probably caused him to omit the down-bound bulk carrier when reporting traffic to the tug.

Why did the VTS not have sufficient resources? Who is in charge of the VTS? Do they not understand how to match workload to resources? Isn’t that their job? Maybe they don’t know how to run a VTS.

High mental workload at a critical time. That only happens shoreside? What about on the ship, they folded with low cognitive workload?

Of course the VTS wants to cover it’s ass but isn’t this a little too obvious?


Plenty of blame to go around, especially VTS.

People actually trust VTS?

Hello, this is out of topic, but I thought I could share recent news to you about the VTS. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but where I come from VTS is trustworthy, News are in finnish, but I think Google Translate will help you out:

My remarks were not about the VTS, they are about the nature of the report.

Like almost all incidents likely there was more than one cause, but for some reasons the people that wrote the report evidently felt the need find excuses for the people working ashore, but not for the crew on the ship.

I trust AIS displayed on a chart plotter a lot more, but I also trust VTS and the pilots on the ships.

Towing a barge downriver on a short hawser, I often don’t have any eyeball or radar presentation of what’s coming up behind me. You have to trust what you’ve got.

He might be talking about a radar shadow from the tug.


However, when towing a barge, it may not be possible to see visually or by radar anything approaching from behind the barge. Of course, an overtaking vessel is a giveaway vessel. But some mariners seem to think the “gross tonnage rule” overrules the Overtaking rule.

A few months ago, I was in a river being overtaken by ships with Canadian pilots. I was really impressed by their communications and good attitudes.

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