Idiots get stranded on an iceberg

Idiots get stranded on an iceberg

Icelandic officials had to rescue four American (OF COURSE) tourists who tried to picnic on an iceberg. The four had set up their table and folding chairs and were eating a meal when a gust of wind pushed the floe more than 30 feet from land. That’s not very far to swim in general, even for an American, but it’s kind of a long-ass way to swim in frigid glacial waters.

One guy managed to hop off the iceberg before it got too far, and he called the authorities to rescue his dining companions. Unfortunately, due to the quick work and focus of the rescue team, we will never know what they were having for dinner:

“When we arrived it was quite comical to see them sitting on chairs and with a table on an iceberg … Yes the dinner was over,” [rescuer] Páll [Sigurður Vignisson] told Iceland Review, adding that he had not noticed what they had been eating as he was too busy getting life vests to them.

Hmm … if the dinner was over, does that mean they didn’t get blown away until after they finished eating, or does it mean that after seeing that they were 30 feet from land, they shrugged and tucked in?

I want to see photos!

[QUOTE=c.captain;112476]I want to see photos![/QUOTE]

Anything else I can do for you your highness?

that is no iceberg…that doesn’t even rate an ice cube

The Icelanders shoulda lettem drown!

Talk about “Bergy Bits”, hardly a Margarita’s worth…