Ice hammers?


Does anyone know who sells ice hammers for knocking freezing spray off the boat? The ones we had disappeared and we cant even find wooden baseball bats at the store.



Thanks. I was going to try a couple ship supply places in the morning but couldnt find anything on line. We are down to one and we couldnt find anything local except aluminum bats.


Ice hammers are a real thing? Here’s what we used:


Wooden bats work, but not so well on thicker ice. Also, we haven’t been able to find wooden bats at the stores. Very few bats at all, and only aluminum. Rather not use them as the deckhands seem to try to take as much paint off as possible.


Try Soo Marine Supply at Sault St. Marie, MI. (906) 632-2214.


That’s it? A piece of 4x4 on a stick? You can’t make your own?




It’s hard rubber not wood. It’s the right tool for the job and I’m no craftsman.


Are you sure it’s not lignum vitae? Sure looks like if from the photo. Only wood I know that sinks like a rock.


Yes I’m sure. We dont buy expensive wood things


I was pretty sure LFS in dutch had em last time I was in there. Maybe Kodiak Marine Supply?


Thanks. I’ll check them out when we get out there.


Look for ICE MALLETS, not “ice hammers.”

I saw a big pile of them somewhere. Maybe it was Lummi Fisheries Supply.