I want to work in a maritime environment

I want to work with a tugboat or barge company but I have no clue to start or where to even look I have served in the United States Navy for 12 years andout of those 12 years 7 of them was on a ship where we did Underway replenishments, Vertical Replenishments, connected Replenishments, towing, hauling, anchoring, mooring and I was kind of loooking for a career intot he same stuff, does anyone know of any companies that hire into that line of work? any help at all would definitely work I live in Detroit, MI right now and cant find anything in Michigan but I know we have to have some kind of jobs out there like that since we have the Great Lakes right here.

With your background you need to submit a packet to the NMC to see what ratings you qualify for. After that you would be better off at MSC. With your past Navy experience you should get hiring preference. Search the old threads for how to get your packet together.

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