I need help trying to get a marshal island cec

Hi its my understanding I can get a marshall island CEC .any help woull be great, I am not working on a vessel from there but would lilke to get the cert please, I have a 500 uscg master.

Thnaks alot.

It was my understanding, in dealing with the Marshall Island authorities a year or so ago, that once you were assingned to a MI flagged vessel, you would file your application paperwork (generally through the vessel management) and then be provided with the CEC. They told me that if you were not actively shipping on a MI flagged ship, they would not supplied credentials.

Good luck, and I hope you can prove me wrong.

thnak you I had heard that but I will try and I will post any results.

Why do you want to bother with a CEC when you can very easily obtain a MI endorsement to your USCG license and accomplish the same result?

It is a simple process, go to the MI page at http://www.register-iri.com/index.cfm?action=page&page=98&fromPage=8 and click on MI-105 for the application.

Thank you so very much for the info.i would have never found that,