I need help as a sea processor/deck hand

okay i need help i want to become deckhand but they said everyone starts off as sea processor im fine with that

there a job that is on the boat u have to be gone for 3-4 months and it goes by % of how many u catch but he said he cant tell us how much money we will make (united states seafood)
then there is a job that pays hourly (9.75) u have to pay alittle bit for food and housing but not much (westward) but u have to stay 4-5 months also u in a warehouse

im confused which one will be better for me i mean the hourly seems fine but its like i do not want to be gone that long for my first time i kinda wanted to try 3 months and come back and i dont like the idea of paying for food and housing because when i caculate the money its not alot compare to the hours you work. i dont know if it would be great for me

then the boat i went to the orientation they havent got back at me yet but i was thinking maybe they will later but if they do hire me and im not in dutch habor the said no reception at all and also said it might be some bad trips meaning we wont make any money sometimes…

help ?