I need a job

I’m 22 i had been on crew boats before (5 months) but I just need the money
I will work for 90-100 a day.I really don’t care. i just need the money and I don’t like been on land for like a weak or 2.
i want to be on for like 28-75 day on 4 days off.
plz help ty

I am assuming that you spelled your name right, however, you missed about everything else. I would get something with spell check or a dictionaryaand start filling out applications with boat companies, paying particular attention to the need to repress any urges to speak like you type… Just in case you do arrange an interview. You will be paid the day rate they pay, no reason to work for free or sound desperate or work a never ending hitch. Even if you don’t want to go home your shipmates with still want you leave, maybe more than you can imagine. That’s about all the help I can offer at this point. Good luck.

I mean is this the best our schools can graduate these days?

Call Bouchard ASAP, you will fit right in, they will even get you a relief, in about 6 months. I understand where he is coming from, and Ive worked over alot, but in the end your never really that much further ahead, theres always something else to spend money on.

the more time ashore, the more spent, thus needing more time aboard to earn. A never ending saga.

Learn how to spell first. If you dont like wurdz then head down to Galliano LA and get a job on a mom and pop supply boat. They will barely pay you and keep you on the boat for months at a time.