Hurricane Irma Upate

There’s sea room south and west once they get round the west tip of Cuba.

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Holly Shit! I just looked at her track and it shows her right off Everglades National Park, running the Old Bahama Chanel! Lat 25 deg 28.07N; Long 79 deg 54.33W Speed 17.9 Heading 167.9 (as off 9/06/17 at 14.50. If there not getting their ass kicked they will be soon! WTF is wrong with that company??? ETA 9/0/17 at 23.30

Until 11 UTC she sailed to the OBC, then she turned South to wait and see.
At 17 UTC she turned SSW.

Now she is off Key Largo, maybe proceeding to the Yucatan channel… if she cannor return to the OBC.

OBC is no-go for sure.

Somebody figured they were safer out there than sitting in Jax in case the river gets slammed.

21 foot waves off of Puerto Rico

Good graphic for avoiding 34 kt wind field at sea

been watching this one for a week with considerable dread for what might lie ahead for South Florida however the past 12 hours shows a slow but steady movement of the track to the west after IRMA turns. Not saying that Miami isn’t going to get clobbered but nothing like it would have with the storm coming ashore at Key Largo. Not that I am sympathetic for the rich and their multimillion dollar beach condos but there were far more modest income people who would lose everything if greater Dade/Broward counties were flattened.

Let us all hope and pray that IRMA spares all those in Florida its worst

It looked like this Bitch was going to pass right over my house. From the latest update, it now looks like it will pass just to the West of us, which puts us on the BAD side! We are about 35-40 miles West-North-West of Orlando!

I’m glad that I do not know anyone (that’s alive) named Irma as I would break my rule of never hitting a Female.

Tugs, best success to you and yours staying safe

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Good luck to you @Tugs, keep us posted if you can.

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State of Florida Live Audio Feeds - Public Safety

Covers most repeaters including some simplex frequencies. They are doing some system testing, roll calls currently. Police, fire, rescue, dispatch etc.

Click on your county of interest. Note: you may have to have any ad blockers disabled in your browser?

@tugs are you in Orange or Lake county?

irma andrew

Source of image below: With some additional info on the page between the two storms.

Florida is only 160 miles wide.

We are in Lake County.

Key West Harbor webcam

Best of luck to everyone from the other side of the pond-we will get the residual in about 10-14 days which is usual a F7-9 and heavy rain (but nowhere like the rain you guys are going to suffer)


Watch Cargo Ships Skitter Away From Hurricane Irma

From Atlantic magazine:

MarineTraffic is a service that tracks the movement of ships using Automatic Identification System (AIS) beacons on board. They sent me images of ship positions from early on September 4th through September 5th. I was able to roughly match those frames with wind-track data provided by the National Hurricane Center, so you can see what it is that the ships are avoiding.

That’s where my family lives. Mom and two brothers in Yalaha, and a sister in Inverness, We are nervously watching Irma from just east of Destin in Santa Rosa Beach…storm shutters at the ready.

I’m in Leesburg and am about 10 miles from Yalaha. Let me know f there is anything that I can do for your family.

Thanks for that. Hoping it doesn’t get too bad down there. Stay safe.