Hurricane force winds, 30 foot seas forecast on Lake Superior

Looks like a pretty gnarly storm is brewing up on the Great Lakes, with the waters North of Marquette, MI getting the worst of it per the NOAA OWF:

.TONIGHT…Northeast winds 5 to 15 knots becoming north gales to
35 knots after midnight, then increasing to storm force winds to
55 knots late. A chance of showers through midnight, then showers
after midnight. Waves building to 15 to 20 feet occasionally to
25 feet.

.TUESDAY…North storm force winds to 60 knots. A few hurricane
force wind gusts to 67 knots. Showers. Waves building to 20 to 25
feet occasionally to 31 feet, then subsiding to 17 to 22 feet
occasionally to 28 feet.

.TUESDAY NIGHT…North storm force winds to 55 knots diminishing
to gales to 35 knots after midnight. Rain showers through
midnight, then a chance of rain showers after midnight. Waves
subsiding to 7 to 10 feet occasionally to 13 feet.

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