Hurricane Blanca

HurricaneBlanca at 16Z 03 June was located over the eastern North Pacific about 380NM SWof Acapulco, Mexico and was semi-stationary with max winds of about 115 knotscausing significant wave heights to 25feet. Forecasts suggest continueddeepening reaching 130 knots or higher during the next 24 to36 hours as Blancabegins to slowly accelerate towards the NW.

Epic surf on the way to socal!

[QUOTE=acesouthcoast;163397]Epic surf on the way to socal![/QUOTE]

Absolutely. is the place to watch the swell reports.

Haha dont worry i have the surfline app on my phone. Im out on the boat and wont be home so unfortunately ill be watching the cameras at wind n sea and trestles and getting pictures from friends. Hope you get to enjoy it!

Update: Hurricane Blanca at 15Z 07 June was centered about 78 NM north of Socorro Island and was moving N-NW at10 knots with max winds near 90 knots. Blanca is moving over colder water and will weaken to Tropical storm strength during the next 12-18 hours and to a depression by 00Z 9th.