Hull cleaning by robot

The subject of under water hull cleaning has been raised before.
It is not new and has been done by divers for many years. Cleaning by robots is also not entirely new and it is developing fast.

Here is a presentation of Jotun’s Hull Skating Solution (HSS):

BTW; could this be something for the US “mothballed fleet”? Always clean hull and ready for fast deployment without the need for drydocking.

I recall USN grey hulls being cleaned robotically while moored at NOB, Norfolk VA in the 1970s.

Are you sure that was done by a robotic (Autonomous) hull clear, not a tethered ROV?,research%20has%20also%20been%20done.

In any case; what is new with the Jotun’s Hull Skating Solution is that the robotic cleaner goes with the ship everywhere and the operation is monitored from Jotun’s Control Center in Norway.

PS> Probably will not be used by the US Navy, or even allowed used in US Ports, just in case some of the equipment should be made in China. Besides, Norway is close to Russia geographically. Maybe the Russians can somehow gain access to monitor the Control Room?

Most likely a tethered ROV. Might even have been divers in the water checking behind the machine.

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