How to get MMC

Hi, I just move here in the USA from Philippines and just got my permanent residency card. I graduated in the Philippines and also got my license as marine engineer. Since I moved here, I wanted to continue my career in maritime industry. Will MMC accept all my documents and training certificates? How do I start?

No. Do you have any sea time sailing as an engineer after you got your license?

The best thing you could do is get 360 days sailing on your Philippine license then apply for a USCG 2nd Assistant Engineer license.

With your documentation you may be able to test for unlicensed ratings as a permanent resident. You can not get USCG license until naturalized as a US citizen.

Good point. I overlooked that part of his post.

i understand that you have to hold a permanent resident card for 5 year before you can apply for citizenship. This i know for a fact.

but for a mariner like our friend here, can he cross over to a higher position such QMED ?
That way, he can at least start sailing and making decent pay while collecting sea time.

or does QMED position require you to be US Citizen ?

will probally have to redo all the training (STCW+others)

Thank you for your reply. I was able to finish two contracts as oiler and both contracts are more than 1 year period. I also have my seaman’s book from Panama and from Philippines. Wondering if i could send all my documents, so they can evaluate them.

That would count as sea time towards a third assistant engineer’s license but it would be better if you had at least one year as an engineer because then you could skip 3rd and go straight to 2nd. You need to wait until you’re a citizen anyway but until then you can get your Oiler and at least sail as a rating.

QMED is an unlicensed rating and therefore citizenship is not required though permanent residency is. STCW training would have to be done at USCG approved training facilities.

This subject has been covered more than once in the past.

3 years if married to a citizen.

Definitely have to redo training, the NMC will only accept training certificates from approved training centers and none of them are out of the US.