How militaristic is MMA? Physical requirements?

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I’m new here and am hoping to attend MMA in 2013. Could you give me some information on how militaristic the academy is and how rigorous the physical requirements are? Any general info at all would help too!



I hear they beat cadets on a regular basis… No its not that bad

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Mass or Maine?

Suck it up Buttercup, If you have to worry about that, maybe you should look at hairdressing school

Maine Maritime

[QUOTE=skycowboy;62901]Suck it up Buttercup, If you have to worry about that, maybe you should look at hairdressing school[/QUOTE]

I’m just trying to get a feel for the differences between the academies. Any info would be great.

Something close to 20 years ago (17 or 18 I think) I first visited Castine. Pretty sure I made the right choice.

As to the current requirements, I cannot speak, as I have been gone too long. But last time I was up there, it appeared the Regiment was doing very well.

There will always be militaristic and physical requirements. It is part of the requirements by the CG. Hard, at times, yes. Impossible, no. You have it better than a seaman recruit at Navy boot camp.

The regiment will teach you different things than what class or training cruise, or cadet shipping will. Each element makes your education MUCH more well rounded than a student at a regular college. My current job has NOTHING to do with shipping, yet I wouldn’t have gotten the job or be able to do it without what I learned at MMA.

That is not to say anything negative about the other academies, but this is my opinion of the school I went to

It’s not bad at all. You have RPT for 4 or 5 days where they march you around Castine followed by mug month where you had restrictions this lasts till family weekend which is in October. All in all there is nothing to worry about no extreme physical tests or anything like that. It’s mostly just a lot of stuff that is a pain but it’s my hard to get through.

Thanks everyone. What are the restrictions like? I’m really not interested in going to an alternate West Point, however, I have nothing wrong with a regimented education and a chain of command. What kind of stuff that’s a pain?

Ship jump probably comes to mind as the worst part. But the current TV SoM has a low freeboard back aft, so its not like the previous ship.

Mostly the “pain” stuff is things you don’t feel important but have to do or times when the cadet leadership doesn’t always make the best decision. But on the latter, just remember, its a leadership training program. They’re learning too.

So overall is it pretty relaxed? No hardcore running at 6 AM? Lol

Nope no hardcore running at 6 am though during rpt you do some marching at 6 am but it is only for 4 or 5 days. I remember doing a little pt on a couple of weekends during mug month but there is no pressure on you. The pain stuff is the restrictions to campus the first month, no tv, DVDs, fridge during the first year. The. You have. It muster at 0630 mon-fri and 1830 muster mon- fri for the whole of mug month. Nothing really militaristic just a few things that are annoying. Question for you are you from Maine? I know when I was there if you weren’t an upper classmen it was almost impossible to be able to get a parking space. But all in all I’d say put with the bull your freshmen year. The professors and everything you will learn are worth it. Pm me if you have any other questions

[QUOTE=ahmerriam;63138]So overall is it pretty relaxed? No hardcore running at 6 AM? Lol[/QUOTE]I am currently a Freshman here at MMA. The first week we lived on the ship full time. We were taught how to march and the chain of command. They woke us up at all hours of the night to prepare us for emergencies that can happen at anytime on a ship. We could not look at our food while we ate for the first week. Physical training was everyday at 0520 until 0620 everyday and lasts the first semester. THere are requirement tests during this time in which you must do a certain amount of push-ups, sit-ups and be able to run a mile and a half in a certain amount of time. The amounts are based on age and gender. Each cadet is put into a company, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie or Delta and the companies rotate onto the ship where they live for an entire month. It is the same at SUNY where a friend of mine is a student. This regimental program builds on chain of command, physical abilities and work ethic as well as many other facets of character. Simply put, most people make it. As I read in another post, you are learning and so are the people training and mentoring you. I visited some of the other schools and found MMA to be the best choice for me. Good luck.

That sucks, glad I went to cma!

Holy fuck, what have they done to my alma mater?

The mission of the Regiment is to teach you how to maneuver within a bureaucracy to get as much as you can while doing as little as possible.

Damn I guess things have changed we never had any physical requirements when I was there a few years ago. Other than having a few diet 7 ups in memory of capt. Brown

Unless something changed at SUNY, that’s not true at all. There’s no living on the ship (accept for a night or 2 during indoctrination) and pt isn’t every morning. We could look at our food, no drills at crazy hours

Guess I better hit the gym!