How long will I be at sea with Sealift Command?

Currently I’m looking to leave behind inland sailing behind and move to Deep Water. Currently in considering Sealift Command. How long will I be at sea if I join them? Will there be rotations or will there be out there for my entire contract?

The biggest problem is getting a relief on time. Most prevalent complaint you will hear. I worked for MSC years ago as an A/B-Maintenance, when I was single. Never got relieved on time. But, as a single man, did not really care. Easiest job I ever had. Made good money because there was plenty of overtime. Sometimes stayed on the ship for a year because we had a good schedule & visited lots of countries. I moved up to Boatswain Mate and was in line to be promoted to Deck Boatswain when I got married. That was the end of MSC for me. Had to find a job that had a reliable schedule.

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Minimum requirement is 4 months onboard. Then only 30 calander days off. You can stay as long as you like. A couple ships are doing a pilot program trying to see if they can require a 2 year onboard commitment. As stated, getting relieved on time is a problem. I’m currently over a month overdue.

Whatever they’re smoking I’d like some.

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If you do a search you will find a lot of info on MSC. Lots of threads.

MSC’s work schedule sounds like something from a Joseph Conrad novel.

:slight_smile: When I first started sailing 180 days was not uncommon. But then came 120, 90, then 60 and at the end I thought 30 was a long time. One gets spoiled I guess. Before I retired I left many a Filipino crew member behind after 30 days knowing they still had 100+ to go.

I was thinking more like Mr. Roberts…
“Mistah! You ain’t NEVAH! Gettin’… off… this… ship!”

Until you retire!!!