How is the virus impacting the alaskan fishery?

Hey everyone. I plan on going fishing in Bristol Bay this summer. My first time and it seems like Seattle’s fisherman’s terminal will help me get hired so I’m pretty excited=) My question is, does anyone know how the covid-19 is impacting the fishing? Like fish prices etc.

Nobody knows Bristol Bay fish prices until the processors release prices at the end of the season. With that being said, there are factors you can look at to estimate where the price will be. Last year was a solid run and solid price for the fishermen in the bay. Supply and demand plays a big part in the pricing of BB salmon and it is my understanding that much of the salmon inventory is low so that should be help keep the price at or near where it was last year.

Local communities in Dillingham and Naknek are protesting having the season out of fear of bringing Covid-19 into their rural communities where influx of seasonal workers and limited hospitals could create some bad scenirios currently playing out around the world, Bristol bay communities currently do not have any confirmed cases…BBRSDA recently released a plan advising fishermen and processors to be screened for Covid-19 prior to departing for the bay…