How do you justify working offshore?

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But now this is going to be my first post…

The infographic may be entirely accurate, but it’s entirely irrelevant.

Plastic is far worse for the environment, so if you want to talk about the environment, lets start with your Prius, your Computer, your home, your groceries, and everything else you use constantly every day in your life. As far as hard on the environment, the disposal of the batteries in your electric car are far worse for the environment than any misconception you believe about emissions from automobile engines.

Your entire basis of “green” is based on Al Gore’s widly popular misconceptions in “An Inconvenient Truth” which is fundamentally flawed from a scientific standpoint on global warming. The entire data set used in this production was based on the bisection ring analysis of ten trees, all of which were taken from the very exact place! That’s about as valuable statistically, and meaningful literally, as a third nipple!

If you want to help the environment, you’re better of spitting on the sidewalk than driving a Prius as the creation and disposal of the batteries in your Prius are far worse than the gasses ommitted by the emissions of an automobile, and the number one most important factor in “global warming” is MOISTURE IN THE ATMOSPHERE.

Mars is heating up at the same rate as Earth, perhaps you think our SUVs on the 405 in southern california have something to do with that??

Because we hate the environment DUH!!!

I thought everyone knew that?

I did the opposite of you when I went car shopping, I purposely went and got a truck with the worst gas mileage that I could afford. Funny thing is we both bought them from the same manufacture. I love my Tundra, I smile every time I fill the tank after doing 13 mpg in the city and 15 mpg on the highway. Hey I have to create job security some how. But the really funny part is that my truck still leaves a smaller environmental foot print then your supposed eco friendly car over 10 years.

If you really cared about things you would be asking the question why does the US import so much oil from countries, especially East African ones, that essentially have no environmental laws? Were spilling a million gallons is no big deal. Or the fact that with all the money we are sending overseas we all are supporting despot leaders and corrupt governments all over the world. So I guess environment ranks higher then human rights, that’s cool man, what ever makes you happy.

If you truly supported the environment AND human rights you would wake up and realize the reality of things and be SCREAMING for us to start drilling here were the environment is taken seriously and you know things like mass genocide are generally frowned upon.

I love feeding trolls, it makes me happy :slight_smile:

As to why I do what I do, I love it. If you work on the water you get it. If you work in the oil fields and smile every time you back under a crane then you really get it. It’s one of those things you just don’t understand till you’ve been there.

Just checked the price of oil, $76 a barrel. Isn’t that cheaper then before the accident. Also just so you know, they only price that really matters is the one the last day of the month as that is the day when the oil contracts are due. Personally I’m sad that it’s not about to break $90. I routinely tell people I’m the only person you will probably meet that gets excited when the price of oil goes up.

[QUOTE=Jemplayer;32592]I purposely went and got a truck with the worst gas mileage that I could afford. [/QUOTE]

Everyone should drive a vehicle that only gets 10 MPG. That way we get all the oil used up much quicker and then have no choice but to find an alternative.


You so called environmentalists are not fooling all of the people, you are actually just anti-capitalist. Oil is just as natural as water and air… Would it be better if it wasn’t spilling into the ocean at the rate that it is right now where it is? Yes. But the earth will recover… We’re not all going to die. The animal kingdom (to include the little fishes in the sea) will survive. We will clean up this mess, with the help of God’s wonderful creation…

Look at all the alarmist dribble put out when the Exxon Valdez spill happened… Prince Williams sound has recovered. Look at all the dribble about the Alaska pipeline; the caribou have thrived.

Look at the damage to the nuke energy sector by one stupid movie, the China Syndrome… How much less dependent on foreign sources of energy would we be had that movie and the anti-capitalist not given the main stream media more advertising revenue. Maybe we would be a little less dependent on oil. Maybe electricity would be cheaper thereby making you beloved electric car more attractive…

Currently, there isn’t a replacement for oil and coal for energy production that would not drive this country and the world back to the 1800’s. You so called environmentalists, Hollywood and big media should spend your money chasing the replacement to oil and coal. Leave us capitalists and our money alone to keep this country’s standard of living where it is and even on the rise.

The education system in this country is lost. It is obviously producing too many people educated in academic theory instead of reality.

I fear for my children!


That is funny; I like it.

It is akin to what I tell people and I love to watch their faces.

I usually say something to the effect; what is gas, around $3 a gallon? Well I don’t care if it goes to six, as long as it isn’t taxes that are raised. You see, that would double my annual fuel costs to around $5k a year. That pales to the cost of that kid of mine who works in the oil industry coming home and living in my basement. Drill baby drill and buy an SUV.

On a side note; if Al Gore is right and SUV’s cause global warming, then I think we have over done it. The world wide trend in temperatures is going down. I say lets get more SUV’s back on the road. BTW, if mankind can control global warming, can Al tell us the exact number of SUV’s we need to keep the temp at a more comfortable 72 degrees?

well prius the abuse is free lol lol

The BP spill is tragic but not typical. I sleep fine.

It isn’t just the car he owns, or the plastic computer he uses. It is the power for that computer and his lights, food preparation, harvesting, deliver to the store. . . . .I am always amazed at how the oil companies are vilified by the left and the commie environmentalists (redundant, I know). Without them (oil companies, not commienvironmentalists), we would be living just beyond subsistence. They (the commienvironmentalists this time) always remind me of ungrateful, ignorant children.

What do I tell my kids? I tell them that I have a great job in the energy sector. I also tell them that if they want to have steady employment, they should get into it, too. No matter who is running things, we will ALWAYS need energy.

As far as how do I sleep at night? Well, thanks for asking. I do worry about where the economy is going with a current administration feeling that they need to run the mints overtime to print money (didn’t work in Germany between the wars, won’t work now). But I sleep better if I go out and kill a couple of innocent kittens. Baby seals are just too hard to get to this time of year.


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