How do I add collision bulkhead to the ship in the picture?

Are we to do your homework for you?

Does the picture should be improved as it is not easy to distinguish bow
from stern? In particular,is it seems that the collision bulkhead
absent ?

There I fixed it…you’re welcome.

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I quickly read through ABS Rules Pt. 3 Ch. 2 Sec. 9 Paragraph 3.1 “Collision Bulkhead” and didn’t find anything ambiguous in it. Since you have a bulbous bow, the reference point needs to be determined as per 3.1.3. If you don’t know the location of the rudder stock, define the rule length based on waterline length at . 85xD and steer clear from the extreme ends of the allowed collision bulkhead location.

What Fraqrat defined above is probably ok. It’s about there.

As for “not easy to distinguish bow from stern”, that’s why the bow is always to the right…

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I am not a student,the picture is picked from a book. i used it for a diagram in a manuscript,but editor think it is not clearly.