How can you get a "Seaman's Book"? What countries issue them?


Biggest share holder is still a Norwegian, Arne Wilhemsen (AWILCO) who was part owner from the start in 1968.

But today it is an American company, with HQ in Miami:



MO: 9189419
MMSI: 249055000
Call Sign: 9HJF9
Flag: Malta [MT]
AIS Vessel Type: Passenger


Thanks a lot guys! I am looking at the application and for this part, can I ask a manager in my local bank to sign and fill in this part? "Counter signatory to be filled in by a Member of Parliament, Parish Priest, medical or legal practitioner,

established civil servant, bank official, police officer, head or senior official of a shipping company,

union official or any other person of a similar standing who has known you personally for at least two

years. (Members of your family should NOT complete the declaration)."

And for this part is the Security Awareness for Cruise Ship Staff certificate enough? “Documentary evidence of valid basic training certificates as per STCW Regulation VI/1”

And it also says I need to send 2 passport size photos, but it mentions I can do it all online. Does that mean I can scan the photos or do I have to send those through the post?

Sorry for all these questions. My agency is really no help at the moment as they are discovering things as we go along.


Try this: apply for Maltese Seaman’s Record Book

Best qualified to answer those questions will be whoever is on the other end of this email address:


Mine is for sale…:slightly_smiling_face:


I have a couple to spare.


Wow. I tried to renew my Bahamas book by myself and they just returned it. They said it MUST be sent to them by the company, they would not accept any paperwork from any individual.


got my Singapore one years ago, just needed residency and a current bosiet
UK one I needed the company to apply I seem to remember?