HOS ACHIEVER as accomodations vessel

compared to the accoms vessels the Scandinavians put together this still looks Coon Ass but what the hell. It is an American owned vessel in the GoM with an American crew even if foreign flagged. GOOD ON HORNBECK

[B]Hornbeck Focuses on Comfort with Offshore Accommodation Vessel[/B]

February 11, 2014 By MarEx

Hornbeck Offshore Services has recently configured the HOS Achiever to provide large scale offshore accommodation services.

The DP-3 vessel now features berthing for nearly 267 persons and an active motion-compensated gangway for safe and easy access to offshore installations.

With a focus on passenger comfort, the HOS Achiever offers active and passive roll damping. The new configuration expands on the company’s experience in providing flotel solutions since the HOS Achiever delivered in 2008.

Features include two state-of-the-art galleys, wireless Internet connections, theaters, lounges, a coffee and tea room, an exercise room, an Internet café / quiet room, locker rooms and a recreation/game room.

Other vessel features include a Sikorsky-92 rated helideck, helicopter re-fueling capabilities, and a 160 Mt crane.

Looks like a bunch of Stallion container accommodation units put on the back deck.

I am sure an HOS employee can confirm (or deny) this, but I am almost positive, when the Achiever came out, that was their first job (flotel work). The Global 1200 was doing this work recently. I believe the Edda Fides has recently came into the Gulf and under contract with BP. According to specs, 600 POB.

Achiever has been doing dedicated floatel work before this conversion many times. The ALQs were built at Bollinger. Total POB will be approx 260. This will be the first floatel in GOM with a heave comp gangway with DP reference.

G1200 is working off Lucius Spar still. Saw email before crew change regarding refueling with Edda Fides in the Lucius field. That would make it under contract with Anadarko. Not sure if that job is still in the works or not.

I don’t know if it was it’s first job but I’d you Google image search it you can see it working as a floatel before this job