Hornbeck stock up

Hornbeck Stock is shooting back up. Is there something going on in the Oil field that’s Positive news??

They’re going to avoid running out of cash by swapping 2020 maturities to 2023/2024. Article about it in TradeWinds. The alternative was they run out of cash in March or April this year.

Ok so just a money thing. I was hoping for Vessel activation Thanks

Everyone pull out your DP certificates, here comes the big day rates! :roll_eyes:

Unfortunately I never had time to get mine. I spent 3 years on a DP 1 then it came out Nautical Institute didn’t recognize DP1 I could never get on a DP 2 boat Oh well shortly after we were all gone anyways.

Penny stocks can double, triple, quadruple or go down as much in a single day. That’s what makes them so fun, lucrative & risky. 0.19 to 0.46 isn’t anything to bet the farm on. With the worlds largest oil importer closing ports left & right due to the coronavirus, betting on oil stocks is a risk for the short term