Hornbeck Offshore

Hi can anyone tell me if Hornbeck is still hiring masters or mates I applied 6 months ago never heard anything from them never could even get them on the phone I re applied 2 weeks ago and tried to call before the Christmas holiday nothing and tried yesterday and today and still nothing.

Any idea what’s going on over there

First, why would you want to work there? Any other boat company would be a safer bet right now.

Second, I recieved an email just yesterday stating that they were hiring. Probably losing people left and right with the impending bankruptcy.

They just got kicked off of the NYSE. I can only imagine that they will file for bankruptcy in the next two quarters. They have been hemorrhaging money for a few years and I think I heard some of the shipyards building their new boats that they started before the downturn wouldn’t let them out of their contracts and they have taken deliver of new boats that went straight to cold stack…